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Hispano-arab tiles are common throughout the iberian peninsula, as an arab influence dating back to as early as the Xth century. Essentially they are geometric patterns that can be repeated to great effect. The beautiful glazing effect is accentuated by the soft embossing on the different colours. Either as a single piece or to cover a coffee table top, these tiles also look rather stunning when used, as a single piece, to decorate white washed walls on a country house just as well as in a modern minimalistic decoration.
We have also some fine replicas of this period.
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Individual Hispano-arab replica.
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Tiled panels can produce a very striking effect when set on a wall or even as a coffee table top. The ones we stock range from 2 x 2 until virtually all combinations and sizes.
After all... that's what tiles are supposed to be used for!
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Coloured tiled panels.
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Tiles are without a doubt part of the portuguese heritage and one of the most admired forms of art over centuries. We stock a wide variety of individual tiles inspired by originals from the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries. Most typical size is 15cm x 15cm. Assortment of individual tiles, different sizes, full colour or monochrome blue. click to enquire for details
Monochrome blue panels are also among our favourite, and most representative (after all the portuguese word "azul" means "blue", hence "azulejos" should be mostly blue! [1] [2] [3]
Monochrome blue tiled panels.
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Art Nouveau also had, as many other artistic trends, its influences in tile making in Portugal.
Some of our panels are good examples of such artistic trends, as this 2x2 panel clearly shows.
Small panel, blue and yellow, 2x2. click to enquire for details